Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The Invisible Class

The Invisible Class.

I am sure that there must be millions of people in the world who belong to the Invisible Class and not even realize it! You might be one of them right now reading this and thinking am I? Let me explain, when someone is running for say the President of the U.S.A. they talk about helping out the low income families the homeless the people who are at the bottom of the pile, but then they also make sure that the rich have tax cuts and plenty of ways to not lose their money to the government. What no one ever mentions are the families and people who are riding the fence of either side the ones who opinions never matter because they are not poor enough yet not rich enough to mean anything.

What should we do about that? I come from a family that couldn't get welfare because my Mother made about $100.00 to much a month to qualify, yet I certainly didn't have enough to eat to even quiet my stomach some days!!! Now probably your thinking well you spent it on other things and I can tell you that the house was so bare that you could walk through it with your eyes shut or in the dark and not have to worry about stepping on anything. Now I was very lucky because both my Mother's parents helped the family out with food and clothing. Now my Mother can't drink an alcohol and since she was the only one who could spend the money I always wondered where it went. . . Now I know it went to pay taxes that were way to high, it went to pay bills that's all nothing more would that cover. Teachers in school always wondered how I came up with such unique projects compared to other kids, well the answer was simple I had to be creative or I would have nothing to show. So why do I call the ones who can't afford the luxuries of life or get the recognition they deserve from the government the Invisible Class? Because that's what we are. I would love to be able to afford a decent car one that didn't break down every other second, I would love to know that if I was hungry I could go to the kitchen get something to eat and know that tomorrow I would also be able to do that.

So how do you change that, how do you graduate? I've learned that it is incredibly hard because of the rules that our Government runs on that to graduate you must be dedicated beyond belief or you must be gifted beyond most humans to at what you want to accomplish in life. What is incredibly difficult for me to understand is why the government doesn't help us? You would think that with every politician pretty much saying the same crap over and over and over again someone would have a different idea and try to change it but they don't all the do time and time again is talk about how the gap between the rich and the poor gets bigger. Yet they don't remember that in between are just as many people or more struggling to make ends meet. I wish that there was some way to let people know that they can change their destiny just by working from home. Most people are so into what society states that they forget that unless they are rich or poor the rules don't apply to them. Many people say to me I wish I could look better, dress better, feel better about myself. And I always respond with look in the mirror your ABSOLUTELY FINE. Yet with out comforts in life like having lots and lots of money no one feels that way about themselves. And I know that the rich say well we're not happy either but to that I say" SHOVE IT" if you can't be happy even though you don't have to worry about food, water, clothing, and many other necessities of life than you are really selfish. If I could have afforded the necessities of life in my younger years life would be a lot different now, or maybe it would be the same. Yet it would have been a little happier in my household if I could have asked my mom for an allowance like the rest of my friends had.

So my advice if this story sounds anything like you! I would seriously consider than starting your own business from home. With it you have so many more options and the schedule that you keep is entirely your own. The Invisible Class does have graduates and many of them go on to become some of the most powerful people in the world. In the end though there is always an equal balance of good and evil so some of the class will always fail yet I believe that we can change that fact of life and unbalance it in our favor as long as we work smart and stick to what we believe in. Working from home it will help you and will make you a better person not only to yourself but to your family and friends. It will create the Finacial freedom that you desire in life while not taking away the people closest to you!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Graduating is easy if you know the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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